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Hey Here's My Application!

1. Maura Bernstein
2. 6th grade was the first time i got high
3. I went to Baltimore and smoked some green with my friends and we went home, got drunk and went driving, about half way down the road my underage friend who DOESN'T have his license, swerved and hit a fence to avoid hitting a PINK ELEPHANT that i could actually SEE, the adreniline helped me keep my buzz like 3 days afterwards and we never got caught.
4. Sat down in the middle of traffic and pretended to drive a rainbow coloured bus with six of my friends, we almost got arrested, we said we were protesting! lol.
5. 16
7. Maryland
8. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=weedluversunite
9. I love me some J's man, but a gravity bong is also my favourite.
10. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
11. I got arreted in NC and got banded from the state for like... 3 months for illeagal possession and intent to distribute weed. :( oops....
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please accept me i have nothing to do with my life except get high and update my journal. :)
Uh.. I'm retarded and I hope this is how you post an application. otherwords.. sorry. but I tried!!

1. Name - Bree
2. First time you got high - My 13th birthday.. chillin with my mom and she handed me a bong. So I was like.. pimp.. and I got blazed. been smoking ever since. It'll be 5 years on April 11.
3. Tell about your best high ever - I was still 13 and I went with my buddy over to our other buddies house to score a bag.. and he had just gotten in some G-13 from somewhere, so we all sat around and smoked an entire eigth just the three of us, in like an hour. I was so baked, and I had this permanent smile..
4. Craziest thing you ever did when u were high - Play at this DZ Discovery Zone!!! My buddy was the manager, and if you don't know DZ is this HUGE indoor playground with all kinds of cool shit for kids, but my friend called me and was like, I'm having a party in the tubes! So we went, hotboxed the entire playset, and played for like 14 hours before we had to leave.
5. Age - 18
7. Location - Tucson (toostoned) Arizona
8. Help Promote our community to one other person with a link - ...Huh??
9. Favorite thing to smoke out of... (the 3 b's- bong, blunt, bowl.. or joint, whatever) - My favorite is a bong, unless it's dinky and hits really hard. But I'll smoke out of anytyhing but metal pipes, fruits, or cans. :)
10. Favorite stoner movie - If this counts.. Dazed and Confused. Fuckin classic.
11. Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to u high - Uh.. okay. Once me and a bunch of my buddies were rollin a fat ass blunt to smoke before school, we were all gathered around at the bus stop (I don't take the bus anymore, though. Now I have a car.. so this was a long time ago) but were all chillin, waiting, and the security guard from our school comes walking up behind all of us, and no one noticed him, and when he was RIGHT behind Jerry (the one rolling the blunt) he says, "You might wanna get moving, you're all going to be late." then he just turned and walked away. And when We finally did walk into school, (which was after we finished rolling and smoking the blunt) the guard and the Dean of students came up and took poor Jerry to the office, and expelled him. It sucked.
Name- Tara

1st Time I was high- I was around 12 hanging with the boyfriend at the time who was a lil older and did shit so I wanted to try it. Started out with a bong and thought I was flying.

Best High- Last year with some fire. It lasted so long, I thought the guy put coke in it, but he didn't and it was fuckin awesome

Craziest thing- Actually thought I could fly (I'm big on the "I can fly" shit) and climbed onto the roof of my 3 story house and tried. I ended up with a broken arm and sprained ankle...

Age- 17

Location- Beckley, WV (sucks ass)

Favorite smoking device- glass bong

Fave stoner movie- Half Baked

Worst thing- Some of us were hanging outside during lunch at school and decided we needed to start tokin' up so we're standing in a circle taking turns ducking down to hit a pipe. Well the asshole principal walks up and smells it, makes us bring apart, then later during class each of us was called out and I ended up making my cousin come up there ( my mom and dad wouldn't have been happy to say the least) and she flirted with him and got me off the hook while the others were suspended except my best friend who we also got out of shit. I felt kinda bad for the others but they were supposed to be watching...
how bout i apply like this
1. Name - Cori
2. First time you got high- i was with my mom nd a group of her friends..nd at the time i thought that i was allergic cuz everytime i was around i got really sick nd my face broke out..nd one of her friends asked me if i wanted some...nd i looked at my mom nd told her that i thought i was allergic..but that i wasnt sure..nd she said well there is only one way to find out..nd my biggest crush..passed me the steamroller and lit it up...
3. Tell about your best high ever - theres alot of em...i actually think the best times i had with with my girl breanna....first time smoking with just my friends nd no parents..we were sitten on a stone wall right next to a playground house nd road haha..and we smoked two joints of some killer dro..and well...i ended up being so high..that i was on my phone talkin to my friend for about an hour..problem was...my phone had died about 45 minutes before my friend realised that i had been talking to no1 on the phone...and i ended up laughing so hard that day that i pissed myself
4. Craziest thing you ever did when u were high - smoke weed right in front of a dunkin donuts in front of a cop.
5. Age - 16
7. Location - franklin maine..and dracut mass..move inbetween the two
8. Help Promote our community to one other person with a link - im to high to understand that one
9. Favorite thing to smoke out of... (the 3 b's- bong, blunt, bowl.. or joint, whatever) - i like..blunts..steamrollers..hookahs r fun to
10. Favorite stoner movie - all the kevin smith movies...clerks..mall rats...chasing amy..dogma...and my favorite..jay and silent bob strike back
11. Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to u high - my friend christine had dropped me off at the local dracut hangout..which was a dunkin donuts..and my friend katelyn for some reason was mad at me and i was hearing ppl tellin her to hit me nd hearing from ppl that she wanted to fight me...so i just looked at her and said w/e im to stoned for this..and started to walk home..when all of i sudden i can hear someone behind me..i look behind me and theres katelyn following me up the street chasin me down...watched her punch a fence down..that is still down to this day..and then two HUGE vans literally full of ppl...musta been seriously over 10 ppl in each van...started followin me..nd then everyone got out..nd formed a circle round us..nd wantd us to fight..nd i just kept walkin cuz i was waaaaaaaay to high..but..now me nd katelyn r best friends..and have smoked many many many a blunt together since that day
1. Name hAiz
2. First time you got high i was eight, and my cousins got me high off a blunt of maui wowie
3. Tell about your best high ever a big fat blunt of white shark with two of my best friends... need i say more?
4. Craziest thing you ever did when u were high drove around san antoino and through the worst part "leon valley" with a few lbs on my dashboard and two blunts goin
5. Age 21
7. Location san antonio
8. Help Promote our community to one other person with a link ok
9. Favorite thing to smoke out of... (the 3 b's- bong, blunt, bowl.. or joint, whatever) blunts blunt and more blunts
10. Favorite stoner movie Homegrown
11. Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to u high got news the a friend had just od'ed and died