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Hey Here's My Application!

1. Maura Bernstein
2. 6th grade was the first time i got high
3. I went to Baltimore and smoked some green with my friends and we went home, got drunk and went driving, about half way down the road my underage friend who DOESN'T have his license, swerved and hit a fence to avoid hitting a PINK ELEPHANT that i could actually SEE, the adreniline helped me keep my buzz like 3 days afterwards and we never got caught.
4. Sat down in the middle of traffic and pretended to drive a rainbow coloured bus with six of my friends, we almost got arrested, we said we were protesting! lol.
5. 16
7. Maryland
8. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=weedluversunite
9. I love me some J's man, but a gravity bong is also my favourite.
10. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
11. I got arreted in NC and got banded from the state for like... 3 months for illeagal possession and intent to distribute weed. :( oops....
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