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So you like to smoke huh?

well then come on in

Its time to smoke
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OK..so this community is for anyone who loves to get high by the lovely marijuanna. My names chrissy, and since i just love to get baked..i thought this would be fun.

1. You must be at least 15 or older
2. Dont join if uve only smoked like one time. thats just dumb. this is for real stoners.
3. You must post an application or you will be removed from the community.
4. Staying active
Ummm.. Application Time?

1. Name
2. First time you got high
3. Tell about your best high ever
4. Craziest thing you ever did when u were high
5. Age
7. Location
8. Help Promote our community to one other person with a link
9. Favorite thing to smoke out of... (the 3 b's- bong, blunt, bowl.. or joint, whatever)
10. Favorite stoner movie
11. Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to u high